Making the consumer a wholesale electricity market participant

Purchasing in a competitive wholesale market can significantly reduce energy costs. Rusenergosbyt helps the consumers to become a wholesale electricity market participant with minimal costs and within a short period. Please note that our specialists will take the main actions to launch the client’s facilities in the WM.

The lowest supply markup

Vast experience in the energy market and developed infrastructure allow us to optimize servicing costs and thus offer our customers the minimum possible supply markup in the market. Our offerings differ profitably from the conditions of the guarantee suppliers and other supply companies.

AIIS KUE development

According to the regulations of the wholesale market, the purchase of electricity is possible only if the consumer has an automated information and measurement system for commercial accounting of electricity (hereinafter “AIIS KUE”) that meets the technical requirements of the WM. Rusenergosbyt conducts a full range of work on AIIS KUE development - from the initial survey of the enterprise's energy supply system to the commercial operation of AIIS.

When organizing the supply of electricity directly from the wholesale market through RES, the consumer's costs for the AIIS KUE system development are minimal - it is enough to replace the existing meters with new ones (which correspond to the technical requirements of the WM), check the existing current and voltage transformers (or replace those inconsistent with the requirements). All other required work (installation of channelization equipment, preparation of metrological documentation, installation of the server, software configuration, transmission of power consumption data to adjacent companies - ATS OJSC, SO-UES OJSC, etc.) can be taken over by Rusenergosbyt.

Flexible payment system

Operation in the vast territory of the Russian Federation and a large customer base allow RES to flexibly approach the agreement with the consumer on the timing of payments and offer optimal terms and amounts of advance payments.

Single supply company for holdings

Rusenergosbyt offers the energy supply through a single electricity supplier for industrial or trading companies with enterprises in several regions of the Russian Federation. With this approach, in addition to the benefits of becoming a WM participant and reducing the cost of contracts servicing, the consumer will get an open and transparent pricing policy, unified across all its enterprises.

Demand response

For more information, please call 8(495)926-9900.


  • 1. Survey of power grids, power equipment, control and accounting systems of energy resources of the enterprise.
  • 2. Conclusion of the following contracts between the supply company and the consumer:
    • Energy supply contract
    • Lease agreement for electrical equipment
    • Equipment maintenance contract
  • 3. Inclusion of the supply company in the register of regional energy supply organizations.
  • 4. Development of an automated system of commercial accounting of energy resources.
  • 5. Inclusion of the energy supply company in the regional and federal electricity (capacity) balances.
  • 6. Submission and approval in the regional energy commission of tariffs for electricity (capacity) supplied by the organization to consumers.
  • 7. Conclusion of services contract for functioning and development of the unified energy system of Russia with PAO UES and Russian Power System Operator.
  • 8. Contract conclusion with the federal grid company.
  • 9. Contract conclusion with the regional AO-Energo for the provision of complex services for electricity (capacity) transmission.
  • 10. Conclusion of supply and services contract with FOREM Center (NP ATS).
  • 11. Start of electricity supply.


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