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Today RUSENERGOSBYT is one of the largest electricity supply companies operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, delivering electricity to more than 100 thousand customers including strategic enterprises of the country, small and medium enterprises and residentials. The unique feature of the company is its developed business structure.

The Company was founded in 2002. Since its foundation till the year of 2017 (included) electricity sales of RUSENERGOSBYT amounted to 533.17 bln kWt*h. In 2017 the Company sold 50.83 bln kWt*h.



RUSENERGOSBYT and representatives of the company are members of the Energy expert council in the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation.


Business geography

Business geography of the Company covers 70 regions of the Russian Federation – from Saint Petersburg to the Far East. The regions services by the Company represent a larger part of the Russian Federation. Regional coverage is the largest among similar Russian companies.

RUSENERGOSBYT acts as a Guarantee Supplier on the federal level. The company gained the status of Supplier of last resort in the territory of 17 regions of the Russian Federation.

Consumer structure: more than 100 thousand customers including such strategic enterprises: JSC “Russian Railways”, JSC “KAMAZ”, Group “SOLLERS”, Group “Air Liquide”, Group “GAZ”.


Company’s structure

The Company’s Head office is located in Moscow. There are 9 branches in Russia:

  • Oktyabrskiy
  • Vostochno-sibirskiy
  • Gorkovskiy
  • Zapadno-sibirskiy
  • Privolzhskiy
  • Severniy
  • Tyumenskiy
  • Yuzhno-Uralskiy
  • Branch in the Republic of Tatarstan

The Company employs more than 700 people.



Following results of independent energy supply companies rating, RUSENERGOSBYT holds a title of energy supply company #1 in Russia starting from 2006.

RUSENERGOSBYT is a winner of NP Trading system administrator awards: “The most dynamic energy supply company” and “The most professional company” following the results of 2005 and 2006.

Since 2007 RUSENERGOSBYT has twice won the award of “Professional recognition” in category “Leader in electric energy wholesale market among energy supply companies”.

In 2007 – within third annual forum of big business "Expert-400" the company won a prize in category «DYNAMIC DEVELOPMENT".

In 2010 RUSENERGOSBYT won the award of “Professional recognition” in category “Efficient operation at WM”.

In 2015 RUSENERGOSBYT entered the top 50 largest privately held companies according to authoritative financial and business magazine Forbes.

In 2017 the Company became the winner in the nomination “The maximum customer-oriented energy sales company” based on the results of the 7th All-Russian competition “The Best Energy Retail Company of Russia”.


Charity work

RUSENERGOSBYT provides financial sponsorship to the regional public organization Basketball club “Triumph”, Lubertsy, Moscow region.

The company provided computer hardware to the Centre of the young disabled socialization in Zhulebino, Moscow region, for organization of educational and adaptive programs.

In 2009 RUSENERGOSBYT made a charitable contribution to the fund for building of the Oncohematological center for children in Bryansk.

The company participates in reconstruction of Moscow church on the Kulishki of the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God which belongs to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The company has partnership relations with such charity organizations as МОО Krug and Sirotam.ru.