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LLC “RUSENERGOSBYT” is an electricity supplier providing a wide range of services in energy delivery, energy audit, installation of a commercial energy metering system.

LLC “RUSENERGOSBYT” operates as:

  • Wholesale energy market participant (according to Certificate №2.1.0035 issued by “ATS” on September 6, 2006)

  • Supplier of last resort in the territory of 17 regions of the Russian Federation (according to Government Decree №530 dated August 31, 2006)

  • Member of Assosiation “NP Market Council”

  • Energy auditor (certificate №0128-0503 of energy auditor accreditation issued and registered by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation on May 12, 2003)

  • Member of Self-regulated Organization the Union “Professional Cooperation of Energy Auditors” (Certificate № ПОЭ-0009 dated April 2, 2015)